Client : Point Prod/RTS

Date : 2015

Type : Tv series (8x42min.)

Diffusion : 2016 January


This is mostly near Gruyères (Switzerland) that we have followed for more than 20 days of filming the adventures of Dr. Valérie Rossier played by the charming Natacha Reignier. This series of 8 episodes tells of strange events that make her gradually discover its healing powers among a circle of tormented characters.


Production : Point Prod
Director : Pierre Monnard
Dop : Darran Bragg
Vfx Supervisor : Guillaume Briet
Compositing : Guillaume Briet, Aristide Antoine, Mick Ungerer, Matthieu Bondon, Floriane Garidelli, Hugo Batonnet
Modeling : Julien Médina, Olivier Jeannel, Ségolène Lombardo
Lighting/Shading : Guillaume Briet
Animation : Fred Morteyrol

1. Case Study

In order to have a wider range of technical possibilities on this series, Point Prod turned to us to realize all the digital effects and vfx extensions in harmony under the artistique direction of Pierre Monnard.

2. Result

To be closer of the technical requirements of the filming and storytelling, our supervision and post-production wroks were very intense and broken down into several tasks to increase the flexibility of our responsive team.

3. Experience

At the crossroads of science and belief, this fantastic series has enabled us to practice some of skills in terms of special effects such as background extensions, matte paintings, or digital integrations.

Making of

Beyond 20 days of supervision on shoot, the studio has addressed most of the digital effects of the series. It took no less than 212 special effects shots including all techniques such as tracking, cleaning, extension sets, matte painting or 3D integration.