Client : Nic-Impex

Date : 2015

Type : Product film (1'10sec.)

Online :


This new product of Arva is an active safety equipment designed to prevent burial in an avalanche. The principle is based on the deployment of an airbag aerodynamics that reduce the volume of the carrier to raise the weight toward the surface while holding and increase its lift. Its tripping is ensured by a handle positioned on the adjustable strap and the bag containing a gas capsule. Thanks to its ingenious system of airbag triggering it is of solid reliability. Use sparingly !


Production : Spacesheep
Animation : Fred Morteyrol
Lighting/Shading : Mathieu Lagarde
Modeling : Julien Médina
Compositing : Aristide Antoine, Hugo Batonnet
Vfx : Guillaume Briet
Music : David Grumel

1. Case Study

We aimed to highlight the entire technical process of triggering while preserving the new backpack aesthetics.

2. Result

In transcribing the choice of materials and volumes, the film remains dynamic and respects the actual technical dimension of the backpack.

3. Experience

Through this film we developed an animation of macroscopic camera ride in a small space, but also use some special effects of avalanche.

Making of

The challenge of the film was for us to recreate the conditions of use of the backpack in a hostile environment while addressing necessarily its technical aspects. Using an animated subjective camera we were able to recreate the path of gas on triggering and thus enhance the immersive effect of the film.