Client : Corum

Date : 2015

Type : Product film (1min.)

Online : www.corum.ch


On an electro jazz music the film is a mixture of vintage live action and 3D motion design. Like a music video the film makes us travel with a nonconformist style inspired by the Bubble collection who highlights gracefully the last three watch models.


Production : Spacesheep
Director : Olivier Jeannel
Dop : Alban Nieroz
Storyboard : Nicolas Barbieux
Lighting/ Shading : Mathieu Lagarde
Compositing : Guillaume Briet, Aristide Antoine
Music : Chal Creation

1. Case Study

The goal of this film was to highlight the three new watch models of this collection with a very unusual silhouette.

2. Result

Based on the three design watches and electro-jazz on air, here is a movie very well received by its dynamism and its graphic style mix.

3. Experience

For Spaceheep, this film have been the opportunity to highlight the very special shape of this watch while respecting the spirit and values of its collection.

Making of

On this very specific watch design and during the preparative study, we honed our rendering skills including the work of materials and the optical appearance. Finally to make the film more dynamic, we had to combine multiple video sources in 3D, vintage animation and lifestyle shots.