collection 17/18



Client : Klokers

Date : 2017

Online :


Always in a concern of realism and elegance we worked on the product launches of a new watch brand that mixes retro and contemporary design.


Agency : Les Alchimistes
Production : Spacesheep
Lighting/Shading : Mathieu Lagarde

1. Case Study

Under a strong and careful artistic direction, Klokers trusted in the studio to produce many images with total and nice realism.

2. Result

For the brand launch, the studio has used all its expertise in 3D rendering to show the materials and the beauty of the first two timepieces.

3. Experience

It is with complete confidence that Klokers offered us the opportunity to show our know-how in full 3D watch pictures.

Making of

Always remaining in the spirit of the brand and the sake of visual perfection, the studio again pushed his limits in terms of realistic 3D rendering.