Flex & Color'Peps



Client : Maped

Date : 2015

Type : Web campaign (2x30sec.)

Online : www.maped.com


The studio has made two films for the latest Maped products, an unbreakable and flexible slate remains clean and without traces of dry-erase markers. The second film presents a new range of color pencils with fun format for children and composed of a soft and resistant lead, the Color’Peps Gel !


Agence : MNSTR
Production : Spacesheep
Animation : Jérémie Balais
Compositing : Dorian Winnicki, Fred Morteyrol
Rendering : Mathieu Lagarde
Music : Chal Creation

1. Case Study

An unbreakable slate, colored pencils with soft leads that were our challenges of these two promotional web films.

2. Result

The studio was pleased to make these two punchy and colorful films like a fake sequence shot.

3. Experience

Once again we were able to implement our 2D animation talents to reveal the playful universe of these products.