TV Commercials (4x20')



Production : Spacesheep

Agency : Paprika/La Société Secrète

Date : 2018

Type : Tv Commercials (4*20sec.)

Online :


The studio was once again order a new season of four films. Lea and Theo, the two muses of the Maped brand will have a great time exploring the new specificities of their new scholar tools at home.


Production : Spacesheep
Direction : Spacesheep
Storyboard : Mathieu Messana / Fred  Morteyrol
Character design : Yapiko
Modeling : Cyril Thauvin / Giles Simone
Layout : Fred Morteyrol
Setup/3D Animation : Jérôme Trannoy
Lighting/Shading : Mathieu Lagarde
Rendering : Mathieu Lagarde
Compositing : Guillaume Briet
Music : (La Société Secrète)

1. Case Study

For this new adventure the studio continues to demonstrate its skills in storytelling and 3D animation to bring to life the peripecies to these two characters.

2. Result

The playful and artistic spirit of the series as well as the visual quality of our animations strongly demonstrate the studio's ability to handle 3d entertainement productions.

3. Experience

This production allowed us to explore with pleasure the quality of a new rendering engine that we will continue to develop on our future productions. Its fast calculation and rendering quality makes it an ideal tool for full 3D productions.

Making of

To be more demanding, the studio never stops developing and perfecting its own production tools and especially to maximize the power of the animators through a sharp rigging.