TV Commercials (4x20')



Production : Spacesheep

Agency : Paprika/La Société Secrète

Date : 2017

Type : Tv Commercials (4*20sec.)

Online :


Future schoolchildren will be able to discover newborns of Maped series on their television. Nothing better to choose those pencils, rules etc. to start his school return in good conditions.
Through 4 animated films the brand will showcase Theo and Lea's adventures in order to highlight their great tools.


Production : Spacesheep
Storyboard : Charles Dauphin
Character design : Yapiko
Modeling : Cyril Thauvin
Layout : Fred Morteyrol
Setup/3D Animation : Jérôme Trannoy
Lighting/Shading : Mathieu Lagarde
Rendering : Mathieu Lagarde
Compositing : Guillaume Briet
Music : (La Société Secrète)

1. Case Study

The production of these 3D animated Tv commercials is part of a global advertising campaign to promote new school articles for young people.

2. Result

This work of a few weeks allowed us to deliver 4 animated films featuring 4 products of the World leader in school and office supplies.

3. Experience

Once again the visual process allows us to show our capabilities in 3D animation. Moreover, thanks to our graphic designers, the season of 4 episodes is diffused throughout the world.

Making of

Like movies in actual shooting, animated films require a lot of preparatory work in order to unlock the characters' designs, their environment and their clothing. Following this, the actor's game is perfected by the 3D animator with the multitude of technical tools and expressions of the characters placed at his disposal.