Client : Mecalac

Date : 2014/2017

Type : Product & Corporate

Online :


In France, Mecalac embodies the pinnacle of concept of excavators, loaders on articulated wheels and all with an astonishing compactness. From capture in live action until the 3D animations we were in charge to make several promotional or expertise films.


Production : Spacesheep
Storyboard : Nicoals Barbieux / Fred Morteyrol
Dop : Alban Nieroz
Modeling : Julien Médina
Animation : Fred Morteyrol
Lighting/Shading : Mathieu Lagarde, Guillaume Briet
Vfx : Guillaume Briet
Compositing : Arnaud Ducor, Mick Ungerer, Hugo Batonnet
Music : Chal Creation

1. Case Study

Since its founding, the studio has been responsible for carrying out several films for this renowned brand like corporate movies or product launches.

2. Result

Through a close relationship, the studio managed to highlight the company's values and the beauty of its vehicles.

3. Experience

Currently Mecalac enabled us to further develop our production tools as well as our technical skills in 3D and video capture.

Making of

Our successive collaborations with Mecalac bring us on various technical benefits that enable us to systematically expand our skills and artistic bias. Moreover, it is a pleasure to work on such technical and stylish vehicles that allow us to discover the universe of the brand.