YEP 2014



Client : Nespresso

Date : 2014

Online :


Following the successful completion of the storyboard, Nespresso looked to us for the production of digital effects. We developed the artistic and animated style of the coffee aroma, which was reintegrated in the film featuring the entire range of coffee machines.


Production : Imagina Studio
Dop : Christophe Persoz
Storyboard : Tristan Meudic
Animation : Fred Morteyrol
Lighting/Shading : Arnaud Ducor
Vfx : Guillaume Briet

1. Case Study

To broadcast the film in all the shops of the world, we were in charge of create de motion design of the coffee aroma flow in the middle of the full range of Nespresso machine.

2. Result

A small golden capsule visually gives birth to the aroma who repents among many machines and various served coffee recipes.

3. Experience

Through a combination of motion design and particle effects, Spacesheep was able to develop and integrate a lively and visually aesthetic flow who shows perfectly the flavor of Nespresso coffees. What eslse ?

Making of

This project was for Spacesheep a way to perform all the storyboarding work. Trough these drawings, we had the pleasure of developing the coffee aroma evolution and supervise the shoot of the full range of machines.