Production : Spacesheep

Date : 2017

Type : Product film (2 min.)

Online :


Still registering as the world's thinnest watch in its category, both in terms of movement and the box, this is the latest born of the Piaget watchmaker, Altiplano 910 P. Spacesheep had the great privilege to honor this record of finesse and elegance for men. A luxury watch of timeless purity, destined to become a true classic able to cross the times.


Production : Spacesheep
Direction : Spacesheep
Dop : Alban Nieroz
Storyboard : Matthieu Messana
3D Artists : Guillaume Briet, Sébastien Baudemont
Modeling : Alex Ingram, Nicolas Polyte
Compositing : Mick Ungerer, Aristide Antoine
Music : David Grumel

1. Case Study

True incarnation of the philosophy of the essential, Piaget is once again proving an exceptional know-how. On a sunny day at an alpine lake, what more natural than to bring a film crew around such a project?

2. Result

It is with great pleasure that we made this short film. In order to trace the right spirit of the collection and the codes of the watchmaking house our production has mixed exploded 3D views and real shots.

3. Experience

The soundness of the film lies both in the onoric approach and in the temporal notion highlighted by the cinematic split screen technique which allows us to deal with a greater variety of shots about the specificities of this unique watchmaking concept.

Making of

It took all the sensitivity of the art team to capture the iconic codes of the collection, and make this film a perfect example of the technical and human harmony that exists in Spacesheep.