Production : Spacesheep

Date : 2017

Type : Christmas card (1'30)

Online :


Always passionate about the world of Piaget, it is with great pleasure that we received the request of the watchmaking company to realize its Christmas film. In addition to sublimate the pieces of the collection it was important at the end of the year to emphasize the union of the brand with the Palace of Gstaad.
On the trend of the paper cutting, the studio has demonstrated expertise in implementation and production to value this perfect harmony of luxury.


Production : Spacesheep
Direction : Spacesheep
Storyboard : Matthieu Messana
Concept art : Matthieu Messana
Modeling : Nicolas Polyte
Rigging : Jérôme Trannoy
Animation : Fred Morteyrol
Rendering : Sébastien Baudemont, Mathieu Lagarde, Alex Ingram
Compositing : Aristide Antoine, Mick Ungerer
Music : David Grumel

1. Case Study

For this work we have been led to keep the artistic direction as stimulating and demanding as last year. Once the jewelery and watchmaking pieces were minutely selected, it was important to find a real visual case while restoring the environment of Gstaad.

2. Result

Fully in 3D and accompanying animated characters in a dream world, dramatic camera movements reveal to us little by little the various masterpieces of the brand to a festive climax.

3. Experience

This film once again demonstrates the real skills of the studio in artistic direction. Sharp and challenging for all our customers, our skills have helped magnify the beauty of an iconic collection and values of one of the most famous Swiss watchmaker.

Making of

This project is further evidence of this mindset shared by all the graphic designers or technicians of the studio who have the heart to share an experience and be strong proposal for each client.