Once Upon a Star



Client : Piaget

Date : 2016

Type : Christmas card (1*32sec.)

Online : www.piaget.fr


Piaget trusted us in creating their greeting card. Always motivated to produce beautiful images, the team puts its graphic and photographic talent to the service of an exceptional film. A vision made of trips, celebration, conquests, joy... and radiance.


Production : Spacesheep
Dop : Christophe Persoz
Vfx Supervisor : Guillaume Briet
Layout : Guillaume Briet, Lou Champier
Lighting/Shading : Guillaume Briet
Compositing : Aristide Antoine, Hugo Batonnet, Mick Ungerer
2D Artist : Charles Dauphin
Music : David Grumel

1. Case Study

In the way of a sequence shot, our goal was to define more precisely the design of the film and to exhibit the famous Gala and Altiplano watches as well as some pieces from the Possession collection.

2. Result

Accompanied by a delicate soundtrack and light airplanes, we let ourselves be carried away through the immaculate paper-cut scenery which retranscribes wonderfully La Côté-aux-fées.

3. Experience

In addition to a strong dreamlike touch, the production of this film allowed us to faithfully transcribe the unique beauty of Piaget's masterpieces.

Making of

The realization of the film allowed us to set up a preview shoot with laser cutted branches. However, the production of scenery and landscapes was totally made in 3D.