Sunny Side Of Life



Client : Piaget

Date : 2016

Type : Product film (1'50sec.)

Online :


The bright sunlight of Palm Springs, Palm Beach or Monaco, their sculptural palms and exotic birds with flaming feathering make the echo to an art of living by Piaget.

Because they are a symbol of sunny resorts hottest, Piaget wanted to celebrate this delicious lightness of a life punctuated by bright moments with this new collection, Sunny Side Of Life.

It is thanks to their brilliant creative liveliness that jewelers masters make us relive by the choice of stones that tropical chic trend designed to flirt with the light.


Production : Spacesheep
Dop : Christophe Persoz
Vfx Supervisor : Guillaume Briet
Lighting/Shading : Mathieu Lagarde
Compositing : Aristide Antoine, Hugo Batonnet, Mick Ungerer
Music : David Grumel

1. Case Study

For this movie we had to adapt our live action technique in order to perfectly showcase the diversity of colours, details and size of the pieces in the Sunny Side Of Life collection.

2. Result

Through the different stylistic inspirations of the collection, this film makes us discover the full extent of jewelry expertise with stone cutting results, and the increasingly impressive crimping.

3. Experience

The beauty and complexity of this new dazzling Piaget collection was an opportunity for us to test our capture technology through the use of motion control.

Making of

It took us to be absolutely precise, during 5 days of shooting to express as best as possible the full radiance, brightness and light burst through the masterpieces of one of the most expensive collections of the world. The image quality should also be perfect to incorporate the three big screens of the set design during the show in Paris.