Production : Gabi Productions

Post-Production : Spacesheep

Direction : Nolwenn Roberts

Date : 2018

Type : Shortfilm (6min.)


The real strength of this project is that it clearly exceeds the standards of a film. It is primarily a beautiful thought strongly supported by Spacesheep, that of keeping the motivation and faith to realize his own dreams.


2D Animation : Oscar Carambano
Compositing : Aristide Antoine, Mick Ungerer
Colorgrading : Violaine Garsault

1. Case Study

Thanks to TvPaint's exceptional partnership, this film was a great experience to explore a unique coloring technique. The post-production goal was to ambience the environments, to perfect the climatic effects with accuracy in order to preserve the graphic style and the colors.

2. Result

In addition ordianaires optical effects subtly scattered throughout the film, we let ourselves finally carried away by a brightly colored finish that combines a simple and elegant character animation that invites each of us to a deep reflection.

3. Experience

This short film is a very nice adventure for the studio which has been affirmed once again its skills and its desire to become a partner of choice on quality projects : artistic, human, with a deep narrative sense.

Making of

Animate, integrate specific 2D tools developed by TvPaint, mix everything, finally colorgrade in a greatest respect of Nolwenn Roberts artistic vision was a great pleasure for the whole team.
Especially when artists feel deeply supported, without concessions, by a deeply human producer who remains sensitive to their work.
Many thanks to Gabi Productions for this exciting collaboration.