Client : Schmidt-Nagel

Date : 2015

Type : Corporate (1'20sec.)

Online :


This film presents various natural environments where one discovers an extraordinary power and founder of Schmidt Nagel. A beautiful film that makes travel and places curiosity in the heart of fauna, terrestrial and aquatic flora and boosts the well of Homeopathy. In order to master all the various locations, the film required a great job of realistic 3D rendering.


Production : Spacesheep
Director : Laurent Fradet
Storyboard : Fred Morteyrol
Animation : Fred Morteyrol
Lighting/Shading : Mathieu Lagarde
Modeling : Julien Médina
Vfx : Guillaume Briet
Music : Chal Creation

1. Case Study

We were asked to develop the brand and the different worlds that are the essence of homeopatie : mineral, plant, animal.

2. Result

As a hymn to life, on an epic background music we discover different landscapes where well-mades evaporate from small crystal clear sihlouettes.

3. Experience

Made of a contemplative part and a second more didactic, this film was an opportunity for us to discover the homeopatic universe and to develop different techniques of matte painting with 3D environments.

Making of

Our approach was initially focused on achieving a real shooting of each scene, then over the process we have developed our capability in 3D environment.