Client : Somfy

Date : 2015

Type : Web Campaign (2x32sec.)

Online : www.somfy.fr


After the motorized gate system film, Spacesheep go again for another adventure dealing with the new engine for house shutters. It is with humor that we wanted to make these two films. Establishing a double narrative where viewers will follow the life of a couple living the same events. Sometimes we discover the point of view of man traumatized by the shutters, and sometimes of his companion doing everything possible to make his life easier.


Production : Spacesheep
Script : Jérôme Llado
Storyboard : Fred Morteyrol
Dop : Alban Nieroz
Animation : Fred Morteyrol
Lighting/Shading : Mathieu Lagarde
Compositing : Hugo Batonnet, Aristide Antoine, Mick Ungerer
Color Grading : Mick Ungerer

1. Case Study

For its new product launch Somfy turned to Spacesheep to highlight their last innovative system.

2. Result

Always to be closer to its customers, Somfy joined us with enthusiasm on this script where we discover, through time, the various issues of the house shutters.

3. Experience

Both films have allowed us to further develop our technical capabilities on location and our 3D integrations.

Making of

In order to make two films each based on a parallel story, a writing and storyboard work was needed to fully optimize production efforts on the various shooting locations.