Production : Idip Films / MC4 / RTS / Arte

Post-Production : Spacesheep

Direction : Laurent Graenicher

Date : 2018

Type : Documentary Film (52min.)


The enigma of the collapse of Tauredunum finally found a definitive answer ...
The action takes place in Switzerland, at the edge of Geneva lake, in the year 563.
Two chroniclers of the time, Marius of Avenches (Bishop of Lausanne) and Gregory of Tours (Bishop of Tours), described facts.
But these authors did not have the same notions of time and space as we did, which gave rise to many speculations and questions about the place, the chronology of the facts and the number of victims.


3D Sequences : Alexander Ingram, Aristide Antoine, Mick Ungerer, Guillaume Briet
Storyboard : Mathieu Bernard
2D Sequences : Guillaume Briet
Illustration : Cecilia Bozzoli

1. Case Study

With the help of an illustrated sequence (the second in the film), we highlighted these ancient facts. In a same time, we made 3D shots that support the circumstances of the drama in a meaningful way.

2. Result

As a great return in alpine history, the partial intervention of the studio on this film allowed us to discover this historic event.

3. Experience

The variety of narrative informations in addition of interviews enhances the subject without making it dramatic.

Making of

Our work on such a project also required many exchanges between scientists and historians in order to accurately transcribe the historical facts while remaining close to the wishes of the director, Laurent Graenicher.