Client : Steambot

Date : 2015

Type : TV series (20x26min.)

Online : www.steambot.ca


In a post-modern city, torn by urban violence, sex is forbidden because of a deadly virus. Men and women are raised separately, in hatred of the opposite sex… until two rebel disowned by their respective gangs, will lead a struggle against adversity to freely live their passion of love. At the crossroads of manufacturing, we enter into co-production of this fabulous history to realise compositing and graphic effects for assembly sets and 2D animations.


Production : Steambot/Dfp
Director : Sébastien Larroudé, Joel Dos Reis Viegas
Creative Studio : Steambot (Canada)
Animation Studio : Yapiko (Japan)
Animation Supervisor : Hiroshi Shimizu
Lead Compositing : Vincent Dudouet
Compositing : Hugo Batonnet, Aristide Antoine
Music : Plaid

1. Case Study

At the crossroads of an international pipeline and to enhance the universe of the serie we've made all the compositing and finishing the pilot episode.

2. Result

Through a real team work we managed to integrate a Japanese animation quality in the heart of a sharp artistic directions.

3. Experience

On a photographic point, the very complex and apocalyptic universe holds some particular exigencies as managing the various atmospheres or camera mappings.

Making of

Beyond the dialogue, artistic perception of Steambot has been several times seen through a large work of art concept that was essential to the studio to push up the rebuilding image process. It is thanks to the photographic and artistic talent of the team we have been able to give a very unique project key.