Opening film



Production : Spacesheep

Date : 2017

Type : Opening film (35sec.)

Online :


From the roaring smoke of the engine, incomparable car designs, black leather jackets, tatoos and smooth hairs, from pin up parades to the most famous rock bands, here we are back in the 50s.
Rockabilly is one of the first styles of rock and roll music, dating back to the early 1950s in the United States.
It is almost 20’000 absolute fans of this popular culture that meet every year for more than 20 years to live a complete immersion in the heart of Las Vegas.


Director : Jeremie Balais, Jeff Le Bars
2D Animation : Jeremie Balais, Jeff Le Bars
3D Previz : Alexander Ingram
Music : The Starjays
Sound Design : Adrien Metzger

1. Case Study

Rockabilly has left us a legacy, and it is thanks to Tom Ingram, creator of VIVA LAS VEGAS that it still lives today.
So, to discover this incredible universe dive with Spacesheep into the America of the 50s !

2. Result

Thanks to our duo of directors, J&J, we were able to set up several major 2d animation sequences. With subtle transitions, this film is an invition to discover the various activities of the Rockabilly festival.

3. Experience

Always passionate and ready to share artistic experiences, this project inevitably demonstrates the ability of the studio to export its know-how. Thx Tom !!

Making of

Beyond the narrative breakdown, our work was focused on a 3D preview to visualize complex scenes in a movie before animating. Then came the work of a colorfull 2d animation with its batch of funny transitions accompanied by an exceptional soundtrack by The Starjays.