ARVA . Axio
PRODUCT FILM (1'06min.)
The studio was pleased to be entrusted with launching of the new Arva gps. We had the mission to highlight its ergonomics and sleek aesthetics and its batch functions even more powerful and easy as the central red button or its historical real-time positions.
This film shows well the hostile environment where can evolve hikers, skiers, while remaining visually reassuring with its modern and dynamic rhythm. Two issues were raised to us, the first was to value the simple design of the case and highlight its effectiveness and create some confidence in its use. And paradoxically, thanks to sound design, we suggested in a second time its hostile operating environment.
Production & Direction by Spacesheep
Storyboard : Nicolas Barbieux | Lighting/Shading : Guillaume Briet | Compositing : Guillaume Briet, Mick Ungerer | Vfx : Guillaume Briet
Music : David Grumel