Mastering perfectly its viticultural expertise on an exceptional territory, the Domaine de Charron produces a high quality Armagnac. Based on common values and through the last eaux-de-vie of the range, that Spacesheep is committed to transcribing with elegance all the exigency of the Domaine de Charron.
Just as the long process of exchanging aromatic compounds between oak and brandy to achieve the best Armagnac, the sharing of ideas between Spacesheep and Le Domaine de Charron has resulted in a unique film. Thanks to this, the director perfectly enhances the spirit using a full set of lights and exceptional color. Our choice of 3D fluid treatment was a essential must-do to the visual rendering of the project. Subtly demonstrated by the director, the technical orientation highlights the visual quality of the eau-de-vie and the evocation of the best aromas.
Production by Spacesheep | Direction by Guillaume Briet
3D (all aspects) & Compositing : Guillaume Briet
Music : Adrien Metzger