DOMYOS . 360 Breathe
WEB CAMPAIGN (3x48sec.)
Here is one of the three promotional films for the new advertising campaign of  Domyos brand. It is under the artistic direction of Vincent Viriot (aka FMK7) and company of our friends Un Oeil Sur Tout that we have achieved all the special effects on the 360 Breathe shoe. Achieving these product films was for the studio a new way to highlight its expertise in 3D integration.
Addressed to women, it was imperative to value each shoe model and their worlds through their three different sports. The intelligence of an identical narrative structure to three films allowed us to increase consumer awareness and have an efficient manufacturing flow.
Early in the project we were able to support the work of storyboard. An essential step in the narrative transition into a technical process that sets the limits of the camera frames and actors games. This graphical step was the important way for Heko to manage their technical and human staff on the set and on our side the technical aspects of future digital effects.
Production by Heko | Post-production by Spacesheep | Direction by FMK7
Storyboard : Jérémie Balais | Dop : Baptiste Chenais | Modeling : Julien Médina | Lighting/Shading : Mathieu Lagarde | Compositing : Laurent Fradet, Vincent Viriot