MAPED . 2nd Season
The studio was once again order a new season of four films. Lea & Theo, the two muses of the Maped brand will have a great time exploring the new specificities of their new scholar tools at home. This production allowed us to explore with pleasure the quality of a new rendering engine that we will continue to develop on our future productions. Its fast calculation and rendering quality makes it an ideal tool for full 3D productions.
Production & Direction by Spacesheep | Agency : Paprika, La Société Secrète
Storyboard : Mathieu Messana, Fred  Morteyrol | Character design : Yapiko | Modeling : Cyril Thauvin, Giles Simone | Layout : Fred Morteyrol | Setup/3D Animation : Jérôme Trannoy | Lighting/Shading/ Rendering : Mathieu Lagarde | Compositing : Guillaume Briet
Music : La Société Secrète Agency