PIAGET . Sunlight Journey

A collection of high jewelry, jewelry watches, and artwork is always a journey of influences and envies that will feed the look of materials, reasons and lights. Sunlight Journey is like a getaway punctuated by the trajectory of the sun and the moods it evokes, sometimes a gentle stroll, energetic joy, or shared excitement.
The studio has expressed all the know-how of Piaget through its latest collection with summer and Mediterranean inspiration. With the help of a studio shoot, the goal was to transcribe different places and times of the day to enhance the various masterpieces of the collection. Blue sapphires, yellow diamonds, lapis lazuli, or emeralds, all the shades of gold are underlined by an exceptional work which obliges us to push our limits in lighting, in motion control shooting as well as in color grading.
Production & Direction by Spacesheep
Dop : Christophe Persoz | 3D Artists : Guillaume Briet | Editing / Compositing : Aristide Antoine, Guillaume Briet, Mick Ungerer
Music : David Grumel