" A movie is made 3 times : once when it is written, again when it’s shot, and a third time in postproduction. "
Francis Ford Coppola
Beyond the identity and simple walls, the studio was created with the desire to bring together talents and an unique mind. Located amongst lakes and mountains, always turned to the market players and aware of the novelties of audiovisual production, Spacesheep wishes to shine from its graphical touch. Mixing well-being and work quality at the office, a wide range of services are available to anybody wishing to develop their image.
The primary mission of Dorian Winnicki and Nicolas Barbieux is to give life to the Spacesheep spirit through ever more ambitious and varied projects. Following an in-depth study, the studio is determined to always learn about the identity, values, wishes, fears and inspirations of the clients. Although we attach great importance to punctuality and quality of our deliveries, the result is mainly due to the exigency of our graphic designers. It's with this mindset that Spacesheep is particularly concerned about promoting meeting and sharing, in order to provide a maximum of artistic opportunities and technical resources that will rebound in positive way on its customers brands.
Your values and your investment will be worn by the determination and virtuosity of our designers, who will make a point of honor to deliver the best images possible at present. Today Spacesheep supports the development of your scenario, and oversee your project from its writing and preparation of the shooting to music recording and editing. Through close collaboration with the production team you will have the opportunity to follow in full transparency your film production. Our studio gather to understand technical, human and even financial support for the production of your project. During the manufacturing processes and our exchanges, years of experience of our directors and department heads will be a real advantage to benefit from all artistic and technical solutions to optimize the budget.
A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. To boost the power of your message our studio is able to put his talents and creative narrative at your service to transmit it to the public. Through technical documents to view and plan an entire movie we’ll have for single goal of improving the flow of information to give birth to your project and make it more alive.
Following the scenario, the storyboarders cut will highlight all narrative intentions, visual and audio of your movie. We are particular concerned to this tool that will assess the actual cost of the production and allows us to develop the solutions best suited to your budget.
Based on the design of storyboards and treated artistic viewpoints Spacesheep is able to handle the entire chain of production up to the sharpest special effects. From a simple delivery or Fx supervision on set, our designers work on your images with the greatest expertise.
Our pipeline also provides the ability to create all types of atmospheric effects.Ranging from the smallest dust to the smoke and debris explosions from the most stylized to the most realistic, you will have a large choice for your dreamy or disaster scenarios. The preparation of a vfx sequence and attention accorded to details are the first concern of our team looking for perfectionism. Crowd dupplications / Matte Paintings / Background extensions / Fluids, Smoke & Particules / 3D integrated / Digital retouching
Whether the design is oriented towards a 2d or 3d animation technique, cartoon or photorealistic our team is able to give life to each type of character, creature or vehicle. By mixing multiple image sources into a single sequence and maintaining a specific artistic goal, our team will satisfy your expectations through the provision of diverse and varied special effects such as inlays or image corrections.
For film, television, web, or for conferences and trade shows, Spacesheep offers a custom calibration service. Our room is equipped with a Da Vinci Resolve station, its dedicated control surface and a 4K monitoring solution. To create a special atmosphere or to sublimate your images, our colorist will accompany you during this final stage of finishing in a peaceful and comfortable place.

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