The history of the Chamonix Guides Cie is inextricably linked with that of mountaineering and the valley that gave birth to it. For 200 years, guides have been able to take up multiple challenges, making their organization a myth.  Today they are the actors of a changing mountain: overcrowding, global warming, loss of freedom, the causes are multiple. Paradoxically, their heritage places them at the heart of the matter, while giving them the keys to implement solutions in order to perpetuate their practices in an ethical and responsible manner. Armed with their stories, they are now carriers of strong and essential values, and must act and adapt their outlook once again in order to face the current upheavals. This film is at a crossroads. Between tradition and modernity, it traces the history of the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix by evoking the incredible challenges it has faced with dignity and those now facing it. In this story we are all tied up !
Founded 200 years ago, the Guides Company of Chamonix is the main reference for mountain lovers. Focused on mountaineering, the Company asked Yucca Films to make an iconic movie from their begining in 1821 until now.This film will make you live a human and sporting adventure between the dangers, the challenges and the practice of the mountain.

Production : Yucca films, Guides Compagny of Chamonix
Postproduction : Spacesheep
Directors : Pierre Cadot + Thomas Guerrin (Yucca Films)
CG Artists : Guillaume Briet, Ulysse Chaudron, Aristide Antoine, Arnaud Ducor
Illustration : Rémi Farjaud, Coralie Python
Colorgrading : Fanny Auclair
Original Soundtrack : Zykali

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