A complicated, ambiguous, even toxic relationship: why does love often generate so much anguish and incomprehension? To address the question, here are two artists that fate has decided to bring together for one song. PXERRE and GAÏA invite us to share this sentimental ordeal thanks to this musical moment. This ordeal that also makes us grow and sometimes teaches us more than it seems about ourselves...

Label : David Grumel Production
Edition : David Grumel administred by Write Here Music
Distribution : The Orchard
Production : Spacesheep
Postproduction : Spacesheep
Director : Guillaume Briet
Dop/Editor : Mick Ungerer
Mua : Elisa Cristovao
Cg artists : Guillaume Briet, Mick Ungerer, Aristide Antoine
Colorgrader : Fanny Auclair
Thx : Tatiana Fouque [CNC], Micro-Folie

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