In a post-modern city, torn by urban violence, sex is forbidden because of a deadly virus. Men and women are raised separately, in hatred of the opposite sex… until two rebel disowned by their respective gangs, will lead a struggle against adversity to freely live their passion of love. At the crossroads of manufacturing, we enter into co-production of this fabulous history to realise compositing and graphic effects for assembly sets and 2D animations.
Co-Production : Steambot, Dfp
Direction : Sébastien Larroudé, Joel Dos Reis Viegas
Creative Studio : Steambot (Canada)
Animation Studio : Yapiko (Japan)
Postproduction : Spacesheep (France)
Animation Supervisor : Hiroshi Shimizu
Compositing Supervisor : Vincent Dudouet
Compositing : Hugo Batonnet, Aristide Antoine
Music : Plaid, The Tanuki Project, B.Ames, HK

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