The loss of a loved one, a lifeless home and five emotional stages.
A woman in her wandering, will live the various psychological stages of the mourning of her love, forever lost.
In this large empty house, she will faced emotions and grief, she will went through this sentimental and painful ordeal alone. With sensitivity, his memories will come back, as well as specific moments lived in these places. They will gradually merge with his anger and his deep sadness. With this song
Vaiteani takes us on a path, strewn with pitfalls towards an uncertain resilience.

Label : Motu Hani
Starring : Alix Bénézech, Roman Fedorchenko
Production : Spacesheep, Motu Hani
Postproduction : Spacesheep
Director : William Dauxerre
Dop/Editor : Mick Ungerer
Dop Assistant : Kevin Durand
Location Manager : Aristide Antoine
Mua : Elisa Cristovao
Cg artists : Guillaume Briet, Mick Ungerer, Aristide Antoine
Colorgrader : Fanny Auclair
Thx : Robert Innes, Dawn Withers, J&J, Air Tahiti Nui, David Grumel, Anthony Dufournet, Anciennes Auto Service

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