It is a great pleasure to introduce you to the musical artist Pol Mira, an incredible talent in the music industry. He captured the essence of love, nostalgia and life with his song titled “City of Light”. Its moving lyrics and enchanting melody take the listener on an unforgettable emotional journey.
In his song, Pol takes us on a nostalgic journey through cherished memories. It describes the long walks on the beach, the place where the first kiss took place, and it evokes the idea of unpredictable life which makes each moment unique. His lyrics touch the heart deeply and remind listeners of the beauty of memories and the importance of love.
The way Pol Mira approaches love is simply magical. It expresses unconditional love, a promise to hold the loved one forever. “Love, that’s what it’s called, look at what we’ve built together” – these lyrics are a tribute to the power of love, the creation of memories and the construction of a life together.
The melody that accompanies these lyrics creates a melancholic and dreamy atmosphere. Her soft, emotional voice adds extra depth to the song, making each listen an unforgettable emotional experience. “City of Light” is a work of art that touches the soul and reminds us of the importance of memories and love in our lives.

Production : Spacesheep, 1DG
Postproduction : Spacesheep
Director : Mick Ungerer

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