Invented in 1795 for pocket watches, the tourbillon brought a clever solution, but very difficult to implement. The Tourbillon watches device consists of a movable cage in which the organs regulating the movement, namely the balance, the hairspring and the escapement, take place. Rotating without stopping, the tourbillon have a regular rotation over 360 °, thus cancelling, over time, the effects of gravity on the regulating system, and therefore on the precision of the movement. Vacheron Constantin tourbillon watches are therefore extremely precise.

Production : Spacecheep
Postproduction : Spacesheep
Dop : Christophe Persoz [Mocoloco]
Dop assistant : Jean-Paul Cardinaux [Mocoloco]
Set design : Vincent Thibault
CG artists : Mick Ungerer, Guillaume Briet, Aristide Antoine

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