AVALANCHE is probably the most iconic and cinematic title, but also one of the most mysterious of the album "Still".
Its division into distinct acts directly echoes the scriptwriting: the exhibition scene, the adventures and the denouement. Through this title, the author delivers us a writing that we know well and that we find in the majority movies we watch. Here, the musical composition is written before the images. This title delivers an authentic sound poetry. The musician we takes you to new shores, where the words are forgotten, to give way to the reassuring piano notes and the vibrant emotions of the instruments.
After playing at some of the biggest French festivals (Les Trans Musicales, Les Vieilles Charrues, Le Printemps de Bourges, etc) with his band Fragments (Electronica/ Post-rock), Sylvain Texier created Ô Lake in 2017, a neoclassical project with pop influences, as romantic as the poetry from Lamartine which inspired him. Throughout a discography that has clocked up more than 5 million streams online, the musician seems to want to fulfill the wishes of the poet who, in «Le Lac», asks that time be suspended so we can savor our best days. And time does indeed appear to stand still while listening to these delicate, sincere and carefully crafted pieces of music.
Labels : Patchrock, Night-Night Records
Production : Spacesheep
Postproduction : Spacesheep
Director : Mick Ungerer

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