Tasting this pastis distilled in Annecy is like plunging into a whirlwind of alpine flavors, where the freshness of mint and the magic of genepi meet for an unforgettable taste experience.
Allow us to introduce you to the pastis distilled in Annecy in Haute-Savoie, a drink as refreshing as it is inspiring. This unique creation combining the tradition of Provençal pastis with emblematic ingredients of the region such as peppermint and genepi is a real invitation to an exceptional sensory journey.
When you taste a glass of this artisanal pastis, you are instantly transported to the majestic mountains of Haute-Savoie, where wild and unspoiled nature is at your fingertips. The invigorating aromas of peppermint envelop you, evoking the freshness of green mountain pastures. Each sip is a veritable explosion of flavors, combining the characteristic aniseed sweetness of pastis with the tangy freshness of mint. It is a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, between the past and the present.
Genepi, this emblematic plant of the Alps, brings its touch of authenticity to this drink. Its subtle, herbaceous flavor adds extra complexity to pastis, creating a symphony of tastes that dances across your palate. Every sip is an encounter with nature, reminding you of snow-capped peaks, sparkling waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes.
But the real charm of this pastis distilled by Ludovic Roche also lies in the artisanal process of its production. Each bottle is the result of know-how passed down from generation to generation, a commitment to quality and a love for local traditions. Each stage of production is carried out with care, from the careful selection of plants to the precise distillation, including the delicate mixing of ingredients.
By tasting this pastis, you feel the soul of Haute-Savoie and the essence of Provence blend harmoniously. It's a drink that tells a story, that of these two regions rich in history and culture. It is a tribute to the generous nature and the passion of the craftsmen who created this exceptional beverage. So let yourself be enchanted by the elixir of Haute-Savoie, let the flavors of pastis distilled in Annecy transport you to distant horizons and inspire you. Whether it's to celebrate a special occasion or simply to enjoy a moment of relaxation, this drink is a real source of inspiration and pleasure.

Production : Spacesheep
Director : G.Briet
(Photo : ©St Esprit)

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