Offering one of the best Prada perfumes is a way of showing loved ones that we are thinking of them and that we appreciate them, and can be a way of creating beautiful memories with family or friends. Overall, the pleasure of giving a nice gift at Christmas is primarily about expressing love and gratitude towards those who are important to us. It is a tradition that allows us to celebrate the holiday season and create a warm and festive atmosphere.
PRADA CANDY, a sweet and playful fragrance iIn an explosion of bright pink and gold, Prada Candy invites us to think outside the box, revealing a new facet of Prada femininity where excess is king.
PRADA INFUSION D'IRIS is an elegant floral woody musk and sophisticated fragrance. As precious and rare as gold, the absolute eau de parfum offers the pure essence of Infusion d'Iris, an invitation to ultimate luxury...
PRADA LUNA ROSSA OCEAN, The six olfactory notes of Prada Luna Rossa Extrême, composed by Daniela Andrier, skillfully come together to evoke team spirit and balance, two essential qualities in the world of extreme sailing.
PRADA PARADOXE. Created by Nadège Le Garlantezec, Antoine and Shyamala Maisondieu. The fragrance explores the unexpected reconciliation of contradictions and celebrates the multi-dimensionality of women. Paradoxe is the perfume that celebrates the woman who is never the same, but always herself.
Mario Prada created the Prada brand in Milan in 1913. His luxury boutique sells refined travel items and accessories, using the best materials and manufacturing techniques. Today, Prada still offers a new way of wearing Prada by expanding into the world of perfumery. The house entrusts the creation of all of its juices to exceptional perfumers in order to bring the most beautiful cohesion of scents to its customers.

Agency : Mazarine
Production : Spacesheep
Director : Spacesheep

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